Lucilia sericataHi! I’m Lue. This is a site about (some) of the things that I do. Here you can find information about my work as a Forensic Entomologist, including my research, CV and other related entomology side projects. Please leave a comment, or email me at lue.cuttiford@gmail.com

Forensic Entomology is the utilisation of arthropods as an investigative tool in a legal proceedings. It’s most notorious use is in homicide investigations, but lawsuits pertaining to food contamination, cases of neglect, abuse and animal welfare – to name but a few – have all been aided by the use of insects, molluscs and mites.

There’s a page of Resources for people interested in Forensic Entomology, as well as some information about a computer application I’m developing with the help of Dr Robin Fencott. You can also read about some Butterfly Workshops that I was involved with in London.