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Lue Cuttiford graduated from London South Bank University in 2009 with a First Class Honours Degree in Forensic Science and Psychology. She went on to graduate with a Master of Research Degree in Entomology from Imperial College London in 2010. During her time as a student Lue was granted the Departmental Award for Best Student in Forensic Science at South Bank University and was also awarded first prize in the Royal Entomological Society Student Award 2009 for a short communication piece about Forensic Entomology. Lue volunteered with the Natural History Museum, London for around 3 years including project work with the Soil Ecology and Forensic Entomology teams there.

In 2012, the US-UK Fulbright Commissi awarded Lue with a $25,000 postgraduate grant, and with help from the IIE she undertook research in Forensic Entomology, finishing with her second Master’s Degree.

Lue is currently working on submitting manuscripts relating to her thesis work and is looking for work that can utilise her advanced communication, technical and scientific skills

Her CV can be viewed here: EditorialCV

Grants and Awards

US-UK Fulbright Scholar – Post Graduate All Disciplines Award 2012-13

Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Enrichment Grant 2012-13

Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – Excellence Fellowship 2012-13

Royal Entomological Society – First prize Student Award 2010

London South Bank University Departmental Award – Best Undergraduate Student in Forensic Science 2009


Theses and publications

Cuttiford, L., Pimsler, M.L., Heo, C.C., Zheng, L., Karunaratne, I., Trissini, G., Tarone, A.M., Lambiase, S., Cammack, J.A. and Tomberlin, J.K. (working manuscript for submission to Forensic Science International) Evaluation of Development Datasets for Hermetia illucens (L.) (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) for Estimating the Time of Placement of Human and Swine Remains in Texas, USA

Cuttiford, L. (2017) The use and abuse of the degree day concept in forensic entomology: Evaluation of Cochliomyia macellaria (Fabricius) (Diptera: Calliphoridae) development datasets. This thesis will be split into two manuscripts for publication in relevant forensic science journals

Richards, C. S., Rowlinson, C. C., Cuttiford, L., Grimsley, R. and Hall, M. J. R. (2013) Decomposed liver has a significantly adverse affect on the development rate of the blowfly Calliphora vicina. International Journal of Legal Medicine 127(1) 259-262

Biogeography, ecological function and the evolution of termite (Blattodea: Termitoidae) functional morphology. Lue’s second MRes thesis which is currently being reworked for submission to Functional Ecology in 2012.

Insects: The Incidental Investigators‘ is a piece Lue wrote for the Royal Entomological Society’s Student Award 2009. It’s a short, general communication piece which was subsequently published in the society’s Antenna magazine.

Effects of burial at low temperature on the colonisation of pig cadavers by Scuttle flies (Diptera, Phoridae) during a British winter. This was Lue’s first MRes thesis and is now a peer reviewed publication:

Cuttiford L. A. & Disney, R. H. L. (2011) Colonization of pig carrion by Triphleba Rondani (Dipt., Phoridae) during a very cold British winter. Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine 146: 203-206 (2010).

Differences in larval size of Calliphora vicina reared on pig brain and liver and the effects of changing food substrate mid-development: Implications for the estimation of Post Mortem Interval using blow fly evidence. Lue’s undergraduate dissertation project based largely on a publication by Kaneshrajah and Turner (2004), she was interested in the possible differences in development rate and overall larval size of Calliphora vicina reared on both pig brain and pig liver tissue.


4 responses to “Profile & CV

  1. Hello Lue! My name is Ben and I am very interested by your work. I am a professional actor, currently researching for a play called ‘The Collector’, adapted by Mark Healy from the John Fowles novel. My research concerns a very particular individual – a character who is a practising entomologist.

    I am based in London and would very much like to do some practical research into the field – but I could use someone to guide me – I was wondering whether there might be anyone you could put me in touch with via email?

    Many thanks and all the best –

    • Hi Simon! Nice to hear from your too. I was very pleased to find your blog – specifically your latest post about science communication. My interest was actually twofold – I’m trying to lay some foundations for a career in scientific writing and communication (I still have 2 years of my PhD left but want to get some experience under my belt) but also my partner has a really avid interest in psychogeography and really enjoyed your roundabouts. He wondered if you had a complete collection somewhere that he might be able to link to? He’s interested and involved in the Psychogeographical Commission, which is a kind of an interface between the built environment and music. Anyway, do let me know – I’m sure the lack of email address anywhere is deliberate, but do drop me one if you feel 🙂

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