Here you will find links to various webpages containing useful information and resources pertaining to Forensic Entomology and Entomology in general. This is by no means an exhaustible list and most of these sites have their own links which you should explore.

Amateur Entomologists’ Society – the AmEntSoc runs annual fairs, educational days and all sorts of information for the budding entomologist

American Board of Certified Forensic Entomologists – this was useful when I was looking for potential supervisors

British Entomological and Natural History Society – the BENHS have a small housing at Dinton Pastures in Reading where various open days and insect taxonomy classes are held

Entomological Society of America – the RES across the pond

European Association of Forensic Entomology – a fantastic resource and useful networking group for anyone in the field, annual conferences held all over Europe – another site teeming with information for practitioners – American site established by Dr. J. H. Byrd with lots of useful information

Forensic Science Society – UK based official society for Forensic Practitioners

North American Forensic Entomology Association – the EAFE across the pond, very friendly

Royal Entomological Society – your first call for all things arthropod related in the UK

If you’d like your site linked here or if you think something is missing then please email me :


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